Vancouver 2010 Olympics… Just try and get the tickets you want

It was my job to get tickets for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic tickets for the family today. The last day for the lottery is tomorrow so I thought I would get our request in. We wanted snowboard halfpipe and hockey and the rest didn’t really matter.

So I went ahead and used their clunky and annoying interface on their website for ticket procurement. I found a package that had Men’s Halfpipe, Men’s Hockey preliminary round, Ski Jumping and a “Vancouver victory Ceremony”. Good enough. Added it to my basket. I went and tried to check out but they wanted me to choose an alternate package.

I went through and chose a second package with Women’s Ice Hockey, Men’s 10,000 m speed skating final, and Ladies Freestyle Skiing Aerials final. Seemed like it would be a good alternative.

So I went back in and looked at my basket but instead of having the second package as an alternative, it was another package all together. So I tried to figure out how to get an alternative package in there. I found another good one for an alternative with Freestyle Skiing, Hockey, Short Track Speed Skating and Curling. I was all set.

I went through the payment process and was printing out my receipt when I noticed NO SNOWBOARDING! Somehow the site had taken my second two requests and forgot about my first orignal request. WTF!

No worries, I thought I would just give them a call, get them to cancel this order and I’ll do it all over. No luck there either. They said that once a request is in then it’s in. They can’t delete an order. I thought I would put in a second order with the package that I wanted but there is only one request per household.

OK Olympic commitee, you should do some usability testing before launching a cluster fuck like the order site. The search is horrendous and the “Alternative Packages” needs to be much easier to sort out. And I’m computer literate. I would feel sorry for any 50+ people that don’t use computers very often trying to figure this out.

In the end, my request is in. For the wrong tickets but my request is in. It is a lottery too, so there’s no guarantee I’m even getting these tickets.