More angry ranting at the powers that be, this time The Dark Knight’s rating

Last night I was watching The Dark Knight, a great movie, but was trying to figure out how this movie got through my parental controls. Anything that is rated more than PG requires a password to unlock. The violent Dark Knight had no such lock on it, meaning my 5 year old could easily start up this ultra-violent movie. Upon investigation at IMDB I found that Alberta and Singapore are the only two ratings posted that a under 12 year old could go see this movie. Hmm, somethings wrong with the process. Did Warner Brothers manage to pay off our provincial government? I can’t believe that I’m the only parent or concerned citizen that has noticed this. Is it just me or are kids in almost any violent movie these days?

Below is the email I sent our provincial ratings committee:

I was just watching the Dark Knight, a great movie, but one that is definitely not suited for pre-teens. When I checked the rating I noticed that Alberta was the only province that by rating (PG) would allow anyone in to see it. Are our children more desensitized from movie violence that my 5 year old should watch this? Definitely not. The Joker threatening multiple people with a knife to the victims mouth… Guns, explosions, very nasty violence…

Or was this a case of the movie studios paying you off? I really think the rating for this is way off.

If you could please justify why the PG rating and not a 14A I would be happy to hear. You have an important job, I only wish that staff at theaters and movie rental places would actually monitor the kids going into movies much better. Seems pre-teen kids are watching movies that are targeted towards a much older crowd. Could be parents to blame but if the movie theaters made a stronger stance on this then it would limit the violence that our kids are subjected to.

A depressed Albertan,


I think people need to take a stance on this. There is a reason our kids (boys especially) are ADD, watching violent movies like this. You could blame the movie theaters for letting kids into movies that aren’t appropriate but when the movie makes it out onto DVD then a lot of parents just buy it and let their kids watch without even caring what the rating is. I feel I’m alone in this area. Am I the only parent that has parental locks turned on my television? If you are curious about this, you can limit what your kids are watching without having to monitor their every minute on the boob tube. Most modern TVs have this feature, crack out your manual or look up your model online. Seems people are only concerned with computers and the internet. No, there is actually stuff on TV that your pre-teen shouldn’t be watching.

If you have another point of view on film ratings, child TV locks, or violence in movies, please comment below.