iOS 4.2 and AirPlay – A big beef

I was very excited when the update to my iPad came out yesterday. The biggest feature I was ready for was AirPlay. I use an app on my iPad called Air Video and it works pretty good but I thought it sure would be nice to stream video to my iPad from my iMac natively through iTunes. (that’s a lot of “i”s) But lo and behold, you could only stream video from your iDevice to an Apple TV. Sadly, I’ve got a first generation Apple TV so this feature isn’t even going to work. Also, I’ve only got a 16GB iPad so storing many movies on it just isn’t feasible. I’d rather stream movies from my iMac to my iPad or iPhone.

Is this an oversight on Apple’s part or just part of the plan? It sure would be nice. Just like Home Sharing on a MacBook. I can watch movies from my iMac on either my PowerBook or MacBook Pro using the Home Sharing feature.