Apple and their half-ass web services

I found this article on MacWorld today and Christopher Breen has summed up most of my frustrations with a company I really love. I’ve had nothing but issues with Apple’s easy “syncing”– ending up with duplicates, deleted entries and so many other headaches. Their iWeb was nothing but a joke. When you publish a blog post you don’t need to publish the ENTIRE SITE again! I won’t even try their iWork online thing, but am happy with Google’s simplicity viewing a doc that I can’t view any other place. And iDisk… Seems like a great idea but why should I have to go out to a web interface just to share a file?! Why couldn’t I just right click on a file I want to share and choose “SHARE”? Hmm, seems like Dropbox might be a worthy purchase for Apple.

I’ve been excited about Apple’s purchase of Lala, thinking that having my music in the cloud would be such a dream. Not having to back up my 750GB of music would sure save me a headache. But it’s been TWO YEARS since that acquisition and still nothing.

I sure hope that Apple has something big coming for MobileMe. I feel like I sure haven’t been getting my money’s worth out of the subscription. I feel like the $100 a year causes more frustrations than benefits.

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  • Chimac on May 16, 2011

    I had the same experience when I used MobileMe. Finally after about 10 years of using it I switched to Gmail. When all those things are free, and a recession it is hard for the average joe to justify this.

    It takes effort to sync and I never trusted it.