Roofing Debacle

Aluminum Roofing

We live in a 100 year old bungalow in Sunnyside, Calgary. It a beautiful area and I get to walk to work. We have wonderful neighbors and the community is fantastic and very safe. It was time to have our roof refinished. Shingles were peeling up and overall in rough shape. We pretty much had our mind set on aluminum shingles both for look, as well as environmental impact. It was stated that the aluminum shingles could go right over the old asphalt shingles. Issue, they are about 3 times the amount as regular asphalt shingles. We did get a bit of a discount (I think) for agreeing to be a display home for their product.

Now we had the first installer in and he stated we “needed to get the roof reframed”. A bit extreme I thought. There is a gap of about 8 inches all the way around the house where there are no boards but other than that, the slats are in great shape. So I ended up calling a few reno companies to get this quoted but couldn’t find anyone who would “reframe” the roof. In the meantime I thought I would get a second opinion. I brought in a very well reputed asphalt shingle roofer and they quoted us $7800 for their best shingles. This included stripping and resheeting where needed, as well as all new gooseneck vents and all other vents.

I went back to the Aluminum roofing company with this and they wanted to charge me another $6000 to strip the roof and resheet it. Ridiculous! So I told them I was going with a different company. Come and pick up all your stuff. This got them thinking and after a little back and forth they agreed to do it on their dime. They sent new installers and the crew that is currently working seem to have a little better grasp on what’s involved. I wish they came in the first place. It sure would have saved us some sleepless nights. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Aluminum roofing pros –

  • Lightweight
  • Never reroof again, never
  • Energy Efficient
  • Go right over old roof such as Asphalt Shingles
  • Looks amazing, like slate
Aluminum Roof Cons –
  • 3 times as much as 50 year asphalt shingles
  • Can’t go over slat roof like on a 100 year old house (requires resheeting roof with plywood otherwise the nails sometimes hit the gaps in the boards.)
  • If you’re not careful, they will end up charging you more for this resheeting if you are in an older home.