City Chase Calgary

Calgary City Chase

Janna and I were in the City Chase for our second year running this past weekend. Last year the mighty wife and I placed a whopping 87th place. Not bad out of 550 teams. We had such a good time we decided to register again for 2011.

The night before the event we managed to find the clue crossword on Columbia’s facebook page. The clue lead us to Riley Park.

The day started out with pouring rain but by the time the event started at 9:30 the rain had let off to just a little sprinkle now and then.

While we were waiting for the event to start, Janna remembered that last year there was a clue in the Calgary Sun. We snuck over to the YMCA and bought a paper and found the clue. It lead us to a community centre in the NW. We decided we’d get the cluesheet and head up that way on the train.

First up, we did tackle football, got our point for the fundraising portion as well. Secondly, Pong. Yup, the drinking game. Sadly we both had to down kool aid and apple cider vinegar. Then we headed down to Riley park for an obstacle course.

Next, we headed on the C-Train down to Chinook for our next batch of chase points: At Fair’s Fair we had to find a book, At No Limits we had to do some gym activities. Then we headed back to the train and it seemed to take forever.

Finally, we got off the train downtown and headed to Victoria Park to Impact Gym for some boxing drills. This point was chaotic, not enough volunteers. Then we went to go to the new bar, Craft but decided that Hi-Fi club was a better choice. We did some Karate drills in there. Then off to the Calgary Tower for the mighty 804 stair climb. Janna almost passed out half way but we finally made it.

We had planned on hitting Flames Central next but that challenge looked like it was taking FOREVER, so we headed to a dog daycare downtown to play with some creepy crawlies. I got to eat crickets and Janna got a Texas Rattlesnake down her shirt.

Then off to the finish line… Janna limped her way there with a very sore knee but she was an absolute ¬†trooper and we were amazed with our 27th place finish!