One of the most important traits you can attain: Mindfulness

Practicing Mindfulness

Before you can be Mindful, you need to know exactly what that means. Here’s my interpretation: removing selfishness, becoming aware how your actions affect the world. Now that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about yourself, you just need to be aware of what’s around you and how your actions or inactions affect other people. That’s it. It’s not about meditating, it’s not about religion.

Here’s a few examples:

The first one I can think of is driving. First off, do you have to even step in your car or could you enjoy a walk or bike ride to achieve your goal. If you do indeed have to drive, be courteous while driving. Don’t drive like you own the road because we all know that only becomes aggravating. Allow people to merge in when they need instead of getting pissed off that they are going to be in front of us. Stick to speed limits unless you are slowing EVERYONE else down. By letting someone else merge might make them twice about cutting someone off later in the day. Its karmic energy and it really does work.

Next, everyday consumption. You aren’t more important than the next person so think about what you use in your everyday life. Reusing bags or using reusable water bottles are little things that decrease your impact on the world. Use less water, grow your own veggies, use less food, buy less consumables, use a economy car instead of a larger one. Not only does this decrease your impact on the world, but it also increases your savings for those bigger items that are necessary.

I’ve been trying to breed these habits in my children and it proves to be a hard task. Why? I’m not sure why. Is it bred in us to just look out for ourselves?