A little Apple hate happening right now…

Any who know me, know that I’m a devout Apple fanboy. With my iMac, iPad, MacBook Pro, iPhone, Apple TV, Airport, MobileMe etc I have spent a pretty penny on the company. Now I have had a few issues but lately they seem to be piling up. Is their quality assurance side of things not keeping up? Methinks this is the issue.

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

First up, my iPhone 3GS – I was a little leery about upgrading to iOS 5 with one of the oldest supported phones. Remember the iPhone 3G and iOS4? Yeah, that’s what’s happening. Touch and wait. Everything is slow right now on my phone. You would have thought they would have learned with the previous major overhaul. Now, I’m not really opposed to getting new equipment but when something like this happens, a new Operating System that is supposedly supported, I refuse. I will go to the grave clutching the slow piece of crap and cursing publicly all the way. Will an update help? We can hope but for now, I need to be a little patient when sending a text message, checking Facebook, taking a picture. Sure, I’d like a new iPhone 4S but I don’t have the funds right now.

Next, my iMac 2005 edition – My iMac has been fantastic. A real workhorse around the house. We use it to stream movies and music to iPads, MacBooks, PowerBooks and Apple TVs throughout the house. We use it with Parental Controls (another beef but I’ll save this for a later post). Then along comes Lion. Yes, my Intel iMac is supported but obviously my Video card didn’t pay the Lion taxes. Every now and then the video freezes. I can move my mouse but nothing else works. I can’t even do the three finger salute (Option > Cmd > Esc) to close apps. It’s a video glitch. I’ve read about problems on the newer iMacs and some MacBook Pros but not on my model of iMac. I thought the recent 10.7.2 would help but still the video hangups persist.

I’ll get to more in another post. But as you can see, I have supported Apple for years and now I’m feeling a little alienated.