Apple has lost focus with iCloud – MobileMe members should get to upgrade first!

I’ve just managed to upgrade my original iPad as well as my iPhone 3GS. My iPad upgrade scared me with the unbeknownst error 3005. I wish Apple would translate their errors rather than have to look it up on some obscure blog. For those that don’t know, Error 3005 just means the servers are busy. Keep trying. You’ll get a line to Apple.

MobileMe to iCloud errors

Now the thing that Irks me is that I’ve been a paying member of MobileMe for YEARS and now I get put on a waiting list for iCloud. Apple should have had us in the front of the line. I’m an early adopter, I want the new things first and when I’ve been paying for a service that hasn’t quite got me the things I paid for, I’d like to get the upgrade first. When can I upgrade to iCloud? Who knows?

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  • dscanland on Oct 14, 2011

    I should mention that I have been successful in upgrading. I’m running the latest and greatest once again.