I’m Back on the 4 Hour Body diet: Slow Carbs

Almost a year ago I found out about Tim Ferriss’ book called the 4 Hour Body. There is a lot of crazy stuff in here but one of the things that has helped many people is something Tim calls the Slow Carb diet.

Slow Carb DietI tried it once and lost about 15 Lbs on it. I didn’t want to stick to it for the rest of my life, mostly because I feel that life is too short to stick to the very minimal variety that Tim Ferriss’ allows on the diet. Not surprisingly, I’ve recently put on about 10 Lbs and would like to get down to my fighting weight again. I’m giving the diet another shot and this time hope to manage to keep the weight off.

What can I eat? Lean meat like Chicken, Beef and Pork. Plenty of Beans and Lentils, and almost all veggies but mostly Spinach. That’s about it. Oh, Tim thankfully recommends to glasses of Red Wine each night. There isn’t even a requirement for working out. But I will continue my sporadic and easy workouts for the next few months. There is one cheat day a week where you can go crazy and eat all the things you’ve been craving, and drink beer.

I’ll fill you in on my progress. BTW – I’ve already lost 2 pounds and I’ve only been doing the diet for 4 days.

Ridiculous Book Trailer. But motivates!