Something to think about on the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday

Today, many people will shop. Yes, even in Canada, the famous Black Friday has trickled up here. It was only a matter of time of course, with all the online stores offering great deals. Time for a new computer? New TV? New phone, iPod, ….. The list goes on.

I just read a post on David Suzuki’s blog talking about how everything these days is disposable. EVERYTHING! Even cars for that matter. Nothing is made to last and its by design. Think about your cell phone. 2-3 years and your phone is obsolete and it costs less to replace than fix if something goes wrong. Cameras, computers…

Here’s my challenge to you. Try going an extra year or two with your computer or phone. Any piece of electronics where you don’t REALLY need to replace but it “sure would be nice to have the new iPhone”. I try to get as many years out of a piece of electronics as I can. Sadly, my iMac is on its last legs. I had it in to be serviced and they quoted me $875 to replace the motherboard. Now this is a 6 year old iMac. It’s been great to us and it really should still be fine but the OS X Lion seems to have brought it to its knees. So for another $200 I can get a brand new iMac, and pretty much have to.

Don’t buy cheap, try and buy quality that lasts. Sure, it’s a little more expensive but in the end you’ll have that jacket, pair of shoes, computer, TV… whatever, a lot longer and it won’t just end up in the landfill. Support producers like Apple who make a quality product that lasts a long time. Even designer clothes makers, they last longer.

Remember this as you take in all of the Black Friday sales today.