New MacBook Air on Order

After a long time of computer envy, my work has decided to get me a new laptop. My current MacBook Pro is almost 6 years old and still running great but after using my wife’s MacBook Air 11″ now and then, I have been excited about carrying half the weight and more processing power. Yes, I have the MacBook Air 13″ 1.8Ghz Intel Core i7 with 256GB of Flash Storage.

I know rumors are circulating about a new “MacBook Air Pro” that should come out this summer but in reality, the upgrade to the MacBook Air should suit me just fine. I don’t do a lot of heavy graphics work or video work for that matter. Most of my stuff is just web development. As long as the machine will run MySQL in the background I should be just fine.

Apparently, it will be three weeks before the machine arrives from our distributor and I can hardly wait.