Apple’s iTunes Music Match isn’t so hot on the iPhone

As you know, I’m a huge Apple fan but there are some things that just don’t cut it with the company. We all know that Apple revolutionized the music industry, both in the way that music was purchased as well as the way it was consumed. Now, I have a huge music collection so I thought I would attempt their new iTunes Music Match, basically your whole music library in the cloud. Sounds good on paper but its proving to be not near as great in practice.

Here’s my former process with three devices:

1. Rip music from CD on my iMac at home, my primary library with 500GB of music on a drive
2. If I want it on my iPhone to listen, I will copy it over to my MacBook Air and use iTunes to copy over all of the files at once to my iPhone.
3. I can then easily manage my music with iTunes – On my iPhone, my sons iPods and my iPad

Total time consumed for 10 albums – 10 minutes post rip

What I try and do now:
1. Rip music from CD on my iMac at home
2. If I think it’s fit for iTunes Match then I will copy it over to my MacBook Air and it gets uploaded to the Match servers
3. I can’t directly copy the music from iTunes anymore because my account is associated with Music Match
4. So I have to click on “Music > iTunes Match > Show all song from iCloud”
5. Go back into the Music App and wait for my library to load
6. Go through each and every album SLOWLY due to lags on the phone and click on “Download All”
7. Once done I have to go back in and turn off the “Show All Songs from iCloud” otherwise it takes forever to find music I have locally.

Totally time consumed for 10 full albums – 45 minutes post rip

It’s the lag on the Music App that is the most painful. It’s the drag and wait until it catches up. The only way to make it any faster is to turn it off.

It really is painful how long it takes to get albums locally with the new Music Match. Unless it improves dramatically, I won’t renew it.