Where are the ethics? Swallowed up by corporate greed!

I went to an Eco-Living Fair this weekend and was quite excited about it. I knew there would be the worm composters, solar experts, bike enthusiasts, plumbing specialists selling their low flow everything and on demand hot water. But this year they had some cool workshops that my family signed up for. The first was how to build bat houses. Did you know that a little brown bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitos in one hour?  And that these little guys can live up to 40 years? Well, as you’ve probably guessed, they are in decline and the best thing you can do for them is provide them a home. We learned how to make a simple bat house. We made two in the class and were given a third by a condo dweller, who wasn’t allowed to put it up.

Next up was how to keep Mason Bees. I didn’t even know what a mason bee was but when I found out that these little guys can pollenate 100 times faster than a honey bee, I was sold. Oh, and they are native to Calgary. And all it takes is a little block of wood with a series of 5/16″ holes drilled to create a wonderful home for Mason Bees.

Sorry, bit of a digression there but you needed to know these things.

Here’s where the sad part came, there were hardly any people at the eco fair which got me to thinking, why don’t people care? Have humans really become that apathetic? It appears so, which raises the question, why?

This is one newbie permaculturist’s point of view but I think ethics play a big part. We don’t have any, and more importantly, big companies don’t have any. Think about oil and gas companies in Alberta, they have more than enough capital to get some green energy start ups going but they are scared of loosing out their share of the money if something becomes successful. Completely wrong attitude. They have an opportunity to make a ton of money by doing THE RIGHT THING! We shouldn’t be polluting the earth with the nasty oil sands. We should be building solar farms and wind farms. Getting Alberta off the dirty coal power which we use so much of. It made me sad again to learn that Alberta is the leading province when it comes to greenhouse gases. Pathetic.

I live in Calgary and was thinking what if the city council decided that any new house in Calgary had to be Net Zero, meaning not use any outside resource for heating, water, or electricity before being approved? Well, any good person knows that this is entirely possible and many people do it everyday. But this council would be ousted from their aldermanic seats quicker than a jet pilot ejection seat! Our fossil fuel powered society wouldn’t stand for it. But think about the new jobs that would be created in this new era. AND, we would never have to worry about water shortage if we harvested our own rainwater. A little change in the way things “Should” be done, rather than how they have been done.

So is it lack of ethics or too much greed that got us in this boat?

We know what “should” be done. But no one is willing to stick their necks out in front of the conservatives that run this great province and country.I have a dream that one day, people will start doing the right thing. Not just tossing everything out, turning out a few extra lights, composting, using rain barrels, using grey water in toilets, not building NEAR as big, etc…