Hello, my name is Dennis Scanland and I live in the bustling metropolis of Calgary Alberta. I am currently employed at Autonomy, (now an HP company) maintaining many of their online presences as well as managing many other online campaigns. I work side by side with designers implementing new web layouts as well as HTML emails we use for lead generation.

When it comes to web development, I like to push my capabilities with each new website. I like to create dynamic sites using cutting edge HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, WordPress and any other tools I can find that make things functional. I do prefer simplicity over complexity but things need to make sense. I love to have a scotch while analyzing a site’s information architecture (affectionately known as IA) and critiquing usability making the best user experience (aka UX) possible.

I have recently discovered the wonderful world of permaculture and Eco-yards. I have found it fascinating and want to share my newfound knowledge and excitement with you.

About my blog…

The blog is for me, Den. Ranting about family matters, technical matters, global matters, anything that matters… To me. You may find a lot of posts about Apple, products of which I adore and have been using for over a decade now. You may find posts about environmental issues, I like to help the world in any way I can. And of course, you’ll find posts about permaculture projects and ideals.

When I’m not on the computer…

I’m a parent and husband, first and foremost. I like snowboarding in the winter and geocaching in the winter. I love music and dabble in the acoustic guitar. I might pull it out if coaxed gently to play a song. I’ve been an indie music fan for as long as I’ve been buying music. I like watching live music. I own and operate an online music community called Music Emissions.