City Chase Calgary

Calgary City Chase

Janna and I were in the City Chase for our second year running this past weekend. Last year the mighty wife and I placed a whopping 87th place. Not bad out of 550 teams. We had such a good time we decided to register again for 2011. Read more →

Bicycle Wine Rack – Great Gift Idea

Bicycle Wine Rack

OK, I ran across this unique idea this morning on a wine blog. It’s called a Leather Bicycle Wine Rack from a guy in Montreal that calls himself Oopsmark on the marketplace site Etsy. First thing you think, it looks like the bottle will fall out any moment but watch this and you’ll be convinced that Oopsmark has done his job properly.

My roots podcast…

I thought some of you might enjoy my roots oriented podcast today featuring:

  • Capsized – Richmond Fontaine (Thirteen Cities)
  • Moorsetown – Sun Kil Moon (April)
  • Slowness – Calexico (Carried To Dust)
  • Exploded View – Death Vessel (Nothing is Precious)
  • The Captain and Hourglass – Laura Marling (Alas I Cannot Swim)
  • Rooks – Shearwater (Rook)
  • A Book Like This – Angus and Julia Stone (A Book Like This)
  • Kingdom of Ice – Wovenhand (Ten Stones)

Check it out here

More angry ranting at the powers that be, this time The Dark Knight’s rating

Last night I was watching The Dark Knight, a great movie, but was trying to figure out how this movie got through my parental controls. Anything that is rated more than PG requires a password to unlock. The violent Dark Knight had no such lock on it, meaning my 5 year old could easily start up this ultra-violent movie. Upon investigation at IMDB I found that Alberta and Singapore are the only two ratings posted that a under 12 year old could go see this movie. Hmm, somethings wrong with the process. Did Warner Brothers manage to pay off our provincial government? I can’t believe that I’m the only parent or concerned citizen that has noticed this. Is it just me or are kids in almost any violent movie these days?

Below is the email I sent our provincial ratings committee: Read more →

Sony Bravia creative team does it again

This time with dominoes and in India. A visually stunning ad. Unfortunately the Youtube video here doesn’t really do it justice:

Why don’t we have comedy’s like Man Stroke Woman?

Maybe I’m alone in my love for British Comedy but I think not. There is something about Nick Frost and the rest of the crew of BBC’s Man Stroke Woman. I think I would watch more TV if there were shows like this. Sure, we have Royal Canadian Air Farce and This Hour Has 22 Minutes but they aren’t near as consistent as Man Stroke Woman. Spend a few hours getting familiar with the related links on the side of that Youtube video. Man Cold is a classic. There are so many good little skits and they are all shorter than 2 minutes so they don’t take up much time.