Happy birthday Heath

Had to share this photo from Heaths uneventful Birthday (read previous post)

More angry ranting at the powers that be, this time The Dark Knight’s rating

Last night I was watching The Dark Knight, a great movie, but was trying to figure out how this movie got through my parental controls. Anything that is rated more than PG requires a password to unlock. The violent Dark Knight had no such lock on it, meaning my 5 year old could easily start up this ultra-violent movie. Upon investigation at IMDB I found that Alberta and Singapore are the only two ratings posted that a under 12 year old could go see this movie. Hmm, somethings wrong with the process. Did Warner Brothers manage to pay off our provincial government? I can’t believe that I’m the only parent or concerned citizen that has noticed this. Is it just me or are kids in almost any violent movie these days?

Below is the email I sent our provincial ratings committee: Read more →

Looking out for No. 1

Our 21 month old is really starting to pick up new words. But the funniest thing he’s got so far is the trait that many people think is one of the most important.


That’s the most clear word I think he has right now. Not only does he say it but he points to himself. As in: Me want cheese strings. Or Me want a turn with that toy. It’s classic.

Some other words he has at this point are: “Book, Lie (Light), Poo, Pee, Mama, Dada, Ira (Cyrus), Cheese (he’s been saying this for quite some time too, in reference to taking pictures), Go, DD (TV), La la la (singing).

Cyrus quotes…

Sung to Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer.

“Woah, oh, Living on the prairie.”