Apple’s iTunes Music Match isn’t so hot on the iPhone

As you know, I’m a huge Apple fan but there are some things that just don’t cut it with the company. We all know that Apple revolutionized the music industry, both in the way that music was purchased as well as the way it was consumed. Now, I have a huge music collection so I thought I would attempt their new iTunes Music Match, basically your whole music library in the cloud. Sounds good on paper but its proving to be not near as great in practice.
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U2 – Cedars of Lebanon

Anyone who knows me, knows how much my wife loves U2. I’m not far behind her with fandom even though many may not know. Anyway, I came across this video for Cedars of Lebanon, one of the lesser known on No Line On The Horizon. Enjoy!

Jesus, first the Jayhawks and now Blink-182. What is the world coming to?Blink-182 Announce ‘Indefinite Hiatus’ As Breakup Rumors Swirl Hopefully some of the imitators will walk away from music too and open up the punk/pop playing field a little.