More angry ranting at the powers that be, this time The Dark Knight’s rating

Last night I was watching The Dark Knight, a great movie, but was trying to figure out how this movie got through my parental controls. Anything that is rated more than PG requires a password to unlock. The violent Dark Knight had no such lock on it, meaning my 5 year old could easily start up this ultra-violent movie. Upon investigation at IMDB I found that Alberta and Singapore are the only two ratings posted that a under 12 year old could go see this movie. Hmm, somethings wrong with the process. Did Warner Brothers manage to pay off our provincial government? I can’t believe that I’m the only parent or concerned citizen that has noticed this. Is it just me or are kids in almost any violent movie these days?

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The Disappearing Male – Human Extinction

I don’t know how long this documentary will be up so do yourself a favor and watch this:

Comments… This goes back to my previous post of ethics. Why would petro chemical companies insist that their products are safe just to make a buck? They may be singly responsible for the extinction of humans. Is that worth a few dollars, a few million dollars? As long as someone is making money or has a chance to make more money then there needs to be regulations put into effect. It’s pathetic to think that not only toys that our children play with on a regular basis, put in their mouths, sleep with, bathe with but plastics that surround us are harming us.

Hopefully a great democratic president like Barack Obama will have enough balls to stand up against lobbyists that are fighting against this kind of regulation. I think companies and people running companies like this should be treated criminally. 

I know it’s hard, I don’t have a lot of suggestions but learn to limit your exposure to harmful plastics. The biggest culprit again is the cosmetic industry. Stay away from hair conditioners! That’s one thing I learned from the documentary. That and Bisphenol A and Phthalates. Canada has made headway in banning BPA food containers. That’s a step in the right direction. Now they need to ban phthalates from baby toys, if not everything! Educate yourself. Don’t follow blindly.

An open letter to Jim Prentice, our re-elected MP

Feel free to use this as a template to send to your MP if you feel strongly about toxins being allowed in our consumer goods. If you don’t know who your MP is or need their email address you can use this site:

Americans can find their senator here:

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