Apple’s iTunes Music Match isn’t so hot on the iPhone

As you know, I’m a huge Apple fan but there are some things that just don’t cut it with the company. We all know that Apple revolutionized the music industry, both in the way that music was purchased as well as the way it was consumed. Now, I have a huge music collection so I thought I would attempt their new iTunes Music Match, basically your whole music library in the cloud. Sounds good on paper but its proving to be not near as great in practice.
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New MacBook Air on Order

After a long time of computer envy, my work has decided to get me a new laptop. My current MacBook Pro is almost 6 years old and still running great but after using my wife’s MacBook Air 11″ now and then, I have been excited about carrying half the weight and more processing power. Yes, I have the MacBook Air 13″ 1.8Ghz Intel Core i7 with 256GB of Flash Storage.

I know rumors are circulating about a new “MacBook Air Pro” that should come out this summer but in reality, the upgrade to the MacBook Air should suit me just fine. I don’t do a lot of heavy graphics work or video work for that matter. Most of my stuff is just web development. As long as the machine will run MySQL in the background I should be just fine.

Apparently, it will be three weeks before the machine arrives from our distributor and I can hardly wait.

Something to think about on the biggest shopping day of the year – Black Friday

Today, many people will shop. Yes, even in Canada, the famous Black Friday has trickled up here. It was only a matter of time of course, with all the online stores offering great deals. Time for a new computer? New TV? New phone, iPod, ….. The list goes on.

I just read a post on David Suzuki’s blog talking about how everything these days is disposable. EVERYTHING! Even cars for that matter. Nothing is made to last and its by design. Think about your cell phone. 2-3 years and your phone is obsolete and it costs less to replace than fix if something goes wrong. Cameras, computers… Read more →

Reading up on Responsive Web Design

I’ve been doing some research lately on Responsive Web Design. I’ve even gone so far as to buy A Book Apart’s new edition, Responsive Web Design to try and wrap my head around what it really  is and what is involved. (Plug for the book, it really helps to make sense of what people are trying to accomplish). For those not in the know like myself, it is the ability to come up with one basic web template for a site that is flexible to all the possible formats and functions that it may serve. For instance, if you are viewing a page in a browser that is 1280px by 1024px you would see a very wide page but things wouldn’t seem all stretched out. Everything would succeed in displaying in a useful manner. Alternatively, if you were browsing using an iPhone not in Landscape mode then you would end up with one column if that is what you so desired. An iPad would show 2-3 columns depending on if it was in landscape or portrait mode.  Read more →

Apple’s Safari and their new tab system

I’m struggling with Apple’s new Safari on both iOS as well as Lion. My issue stems from the reload every time you go back to a previous tab. I’m a compulsive multitasker and love to have MANY tabs open at once. When I go back to a tab that I was using I:

1. Don’t want to have to wait to see information that was there just moments ago (entire page refresh)
2. Even more frustrating, I don’t want to have to refill a form, or renter something in a text box that was almost complete.
3. Don’t want to have to force a quit just because Safari is reloading a tab it should have had cached.

This has to change! I’m a good multitasker when given the opportunity. The new Safari is far from allowing me to do so.

I do like how Safari on my iPad has gone to the tabbed format rather than having to exit and choose a new window. But again, it’s not working the way it’s supposed to.

I’ve switched to Chrome for the time being. We’ll see how that ends up. Safari, I want you back!

A little Apple hate happening right now…

Any who know me, know that I’m a devout Apple fanboy. With my iMac, iPad, MacBook Pro, iPhone, Apple TV, Airport, MobileMe etc I have spent a pretty penny on the company. Now I have had a few issues but lately they seem to be piling up. Is their quality assurance side of things not keeping up? Methinks this is the issue.

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Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps: position static relative absolute float

While working on a layout for a charity site I’m working on, I was working on some pretty fancy CSS layouts. Relative, Absolute, Fixed etc. I found this website to be an invaluable resource. If you have been playing with CSS positioning you know how many options there are.
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Apple has lost focus with iCloud – MobileMe members should get to upgrade first!

I’ve just managed to upgrade my original iPad as well as my iPhone 3GS. My iPad upgrade scared me with the unbeknownst error 3005. I wish Apple would translate their errors rather than have to look it up on some obscure blog. For those that don’t know, Error 3005 just means the servers are busy. Keep trying. You’ll get a line to Apple.

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Apple and their half-ass web services

I found this article on MacWorld today and Christopher Breen has summed up most of my frustrations with a company I really love. I’ve had nothing but issues with Apple’s easy “syncing”– ending up with duplicates, deleted entries and so many other headaches. Their iWeb was nothing but a joke. When you publish a blog post you don’t need to publish the ENTIRE SITE again! I won’t even try their iWork online thing, but am happy with Google’s simplicity viewing a doc that I can’t view any other place. And iDisk… Seems like a great idea but why should I have to go out to a web interface just to share a file?! Why couldn’t I just right click on a file I want to share and choose “SHARE”? Hmm, seems like Dropbox might be a worthy purchase for Apple.

I’ve been excited about Apple’s purchase of Lala, thinking that having my music in the cloud would be such a dream. Not having to back up my 750GB of music would sure save me a headache. But it’s been TWO YEARS since that acquisition and still nothing.

I sure hope that Apple has something big coming for MobileMe. I feel like I sure haven’t been getting my money’s worth out of the subscription. I feel like the $100 a year causes more frustrations than benefits.

iPhone 3G / 3GS Pong Cases – with Pong Radiation Reducing Technology by Case-mate

Just ordered myself one of these. Seems like a good idea for packing around a stick of radiation.

iPhone 3G / 3GS Pong Cases – with Pong Radiation Reducing Technology by Case-mate.