Who to vote for in the Federal Election

Jack LaytonI vote in every election I can. I’m finding it really hard to decide who to vote for in the upcoming Federal Election. I like the NDP leader, Jack Layton but can’t seem to wrap my head around my local constituent, Paul Vargis. Is it his unprofessional website that is swaying me to vote Liberal (local constituent is Dr. Stephen Randall, quite an apt candidate) in this election rather than what my heart is telling? I don’t think I could ever vote Conservative. One thing I know, I’m glad that we won’t have Jim Prentice representing us again. Heck, the Green Party’s Heather MacIntosh would be a good choice as well.

I do have a few days to decide… Don’t be apathetic, go vote. Remember all the other countries that fight for this right.

Sending a link to an iTunes song to someone on your network

I’ve found a few times when I have been talking to a coworker about a particular band or song that I have been listening to on my iTunes playlist. What better way to get someone to understand than to IM or email a link to the song you are listening to. I wouldn’t think this would be a hard thing to do with the way that iTunes uses Bonjour to find users and iTunes libraries.

Apple, what would it take in order to add this feature or is it even something that others would use? Maybe in that little “Ping” arrow dropdown beside a song there could be a “Send Local Link” or something like that. “Send Homesharing Link”.

mycharity: water

mycharity: water

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Timetravel… What if?

We were just discussing time travel here at work today and ran into a strange paradox. What would happen if you jumped 10 years into the future and then you were killed while there? What would happen to the present you? Would you still be able to live those 10 years out? Or because you’ve exited this time and place you’re done?

And Heroes starts again next week. YES!

What a shitty Christmas…

Man oh man did I have a lame Christmas season. Well, it wasn’t all bad I guess. We had the dreaded sick Christmas. The one you get every few years, you know, where EVERYONE in your house is illing some way or another. Well, we managed to actually get out on Christmas day for a brunch and a dinner but Boxing day brought on pink eye in our 5 year old. He had been coughing quite a bit with nasal crap, same as me, and it somehow turned into pink eye. So we had a quiet next couple of days, foregoing our trip to BC to see my parents. Then the next weekend everyone started puking. Yup, the whole family. It appears that we are mostly done with the puking part of it, now we just need to clear the hacking a coughing plus the plugged ears. Both of our kids are practically deaf from earwax build-up.