Permaculture and Eco-Yard Design in Calgary

My newfound passion is the art and science of permaculture, the design and maintenance of eco-yards, making your land and yard as self-sufficient and as environmentally sustainable as possible. Consult with me before you make any updates to your yard or house in urban Calgary.  Permaculture design utilizes a wide variety of food trees and plants (polyculture) maximizing production. This is one of the main principles of permaculture, living off your land. Yes, you too can grow vegetables in inner-Calgary.

Some of the services I offer:

Veggie Garden Design, Greenhouses, and Cold Frames

Do you need a reason to start a veggie garden? I could give you 10. And if a short growing season isn’t enough, we can help with a cold frame design for smaller spaces or if your yard is large enough, a greenhouse. Incorporating a greenhouse on the southern exposure of your home combined with solar mass, retains heat, warms your home, and saves energy. You can also grow a garden in a greenhouse for year-round food and flowers. Drip irrigation for your gardens makes your veggies and flowers flourish without the hassle of watering.

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Water Harvesting

Permaculture utilizes abundant available rainwater for household use and designs filtration, storage and gray water systems.
Use gray domestic water on your garden. Compost toilets and reed beds offer cheaper alternatives to conventional sewage treatment.

More Information on Rain Water Harvesting

Sustainable Soil and Compost

Permaculture rebuilds soil by enhancing natural systems. Good compost is the backbone of organics and a healthy, long-lasting garden. Sheet mulching techniques build soil, retard weeds, insulate plants and permit no-till gardening. Use discarded newspaper, cardboard, manure and straw/hay mulch. Vermiculture. Worms eat garbage excreting castings, one of the richest and most valuable organic fertilizers. I can help you find the perfect site and create a compost solution that works for you.

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Mason Bee Keeping

Mason bees are amazing little insects. They pollenate 100x faster than honey bees. And more importantly, they are native to Alberta! They don’t sting and they are so easy to keep. Every garden needs at least one Mason Bee home. Once you create a home for mason bees, your plants will flourish with the amazing pollenating power of these bees. People will wonder how your garden ended up with such big and wonderful veggies. Why not honey bees? The main reason is that honey bees are not native to Canada.

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