Mason Bee Keeping in Calgary

Mason BeesWhat is the key to having beautiful flowers and luscious vegetables? Pollination! Without pollination all of your hard work, planting, composting, soil maintenance, would all be a waste. The simple practice of keeping the North American native mason bee in your yard is exactly what you need? Why not honey bees? I’m allergic to bees so I have a perfectly good reason not to have a bee hive but more importantly honey bees are imported. Honey bees sting. Honey making also takes quite a bit of work. Another problem with Honey bees is that they are suffering what’s known as CCD, Colony Collapse Disorder where bees are just disappearing, dying and most regretfully, not pollenating.

Enter the mason bee. They are very docile and rarely sting. Mason bee keeping is hardly complicated at all. All you need is a block of wood with some hole strategically drilled. Oh, and they pollenate 100x more than a honey bee. That should be good enough reason right there. When the spring time air starts to warm up, the mason bees emerge from their tunnels, making their way through the concrete plug that they use to protect them from the wild. They are hungry right away and will start foraging immediately.