Sustainable Soil and Compost


Thought about composting? Tired of throwing out all of your kitchen scraps? I think its time you discovered the joys and benefits of composting and how this simple practice can not only save on garbage but help your garden, lawn, shrubs and even trees. Compost Tea anyone?

There really isn’t much to composting but it doest take a little effort. The key is the mixture of brown compost (mostly fall leaves) and green compost (kitchen scraps, garden waste, lawn clippings). The “brown” material has an abundance of carbon and the “green” material is very nitrogen-rich. It’s the combination of the two that create the chemical reaction that breaks down the original material, warming it up and turning it into you garden saviour.

We can help with creating a compost pile or if you need the aesthetics, a nice bin to contain the compost.

Contact us today to find out how we can help with a compost plan for your yard and household.