Web Development in Calgary

I never really claimed to be a “designer” but man, can I make designs come to life! I have a few designers that I work with, as well as utilizing a lot of design resources on the web. My main delight in my working life is seeing a static Photoshop PSD file come to life as a fully functioning HTML/CSS masterpiece! Web Development’s finest moment.

When working on a new site, I like to gather requirements and come up with an Information Architecture that works for the company or individual. Then we look at anything special that the site might need, data-driven, CMS, etc. Nothing more that is needed. After we are both satisfied we’ll start looking at design options and wireframes. These then come to life with my ninja-like HTML and CSS skills.

And of course, I don’t leave you without options for site maintenance.

  • HTML5 – I’ve been coding HTML for over 12 years. I’ve kept up with the new specifications.
  • CSS3 – When it comes to CSS I am able to lay almost any Photoshop mockup into a fully functional and Standards Compliant website.
  • Javascript – Interactive websites are key for todays connected world and the key to accessible websites is Javascript. It allows you to do almost anything online. I like to use a javascript library called Jquery to eliminate a lot of coding.
  • Jquery – You may have heard about the new way to display dynamic web content. It’s a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript. And a useful and quick way to manipulate a wonderful layout and make it magical is a javascript library called Jquery. I’ve been using this library since its introduction many years ago and have watched it grow into a robust and essential tool.
  • Mysql – Many websites need a database in the background in order to make it robust and easily updatable. My database of choice is the open source MySQL. Its often updated and well documented.
  • Data Driven Websites – Many larger websites today require a database backend and a nice way to pull that information out and display in a
  • Wordpress – One of the most popular content management and blogging platforms online today is WordPress. I have created and maintained many sites using this framework. There are many pre-configured themes and I’ve been working with wordpress templates for many years.
  • Blogs – Many websites these days contain blogs. I have utilized many blogging tools as well as created my own PHP and MySQL blogs.
  • PHP – PHP is the internets most popular scripting language making robust and scalable websites. I’ve been programming in PHP for almost 10 years now.
  • Web Analytics – How do I tell if my work is successful? I use one of the best and cheapest tools out there. It’s Google Analytics. Many people pay $1000s of dollars a year for good Analytics but there is no need any more with the advent of Google Analytics. I’ve been using this tool ever since it’s advent and seen all the progress Google has made with this wonderful tool. I’ve also had training with the enterprise level analytics tool called Webtrends.
  • Hosting – I do all my hosting with a company called ICD Soft. I can secure hosting accounts and manage all features
  • Domain Name Registration – Looking for a perfect domain? I can help secure it.
  • Email Management – With any domains that I host, I will happily manage your email addresses. You can have unlimited email addresses with any domain that I host.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) – I’ve had experience with CMS’ like Teamsite, Stellent, WordPress, and Joomla.