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A Pedestrian’s Responsibilities to Motorists

I walk a lot. I walk to and from work everyday. One of the biggest issues I see with pedestrians is their lack of respect for traffic. They figure that that white man on the crossing signal signifies that they can dawdle across the intersection. Well, there are cars waiting to make right hand turns. Or if you are crossing at a 4-way stop there are usually many cars waiting on you. 

Now most pedestrians take pride that they are doing something environmentally and I applaud them (and myself) but there is more that you could be doing. Hurry up across the street! Stop the cars from sitting there idling, waiting for you to cross. It’s a small thing but if all pedestrians did that it would help with the amount of carbon emissions from idling cars at intersections. Small steps to a cleaner world.

Six Products, Six Carbon Footprints (WSJ)

I found this article very interesting. The Wall Street Journal has broken down some of our everyday consumer goods and reported the carbon footprint. What is a carbon footprint? It is the amount of carbon that a product produces while it is being produced, manufactured and delivered. Basically the amount of carbon it takes from raw goods to the point where you are consuming it.

First product up, obviously the car. The average car spits out 1 pound of carbon for each mile it drives.

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