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Top 10 things to lessen your ecological footprint

I have a hard time with environmental and ecological footprint. I always feel that my family could be doing more. But I’ve come to the conclusion that the more is educating those people who actually could be doing a lot more. Hopefully this blog post will reach some of those people and I’ll have done my part.

Now some of these things I don’t practice myself due to my lifestyle but I’ll mention those in context. These are in no particular order just some of the most important items. Feel free to add your own ideas below in the comments. Read more →

In the market for a new computer… Watch this first

CBC has done a great expose on E-Waste in China. 

Here is the link to the Video.

Here are some of the extras to help you find a responsible recycler:

To find a responsible recycler that is not going to export your toxic electronic waste, the Basel Action Network (BAN) has a screening program that vets recycling companies. You can find out more about it at

Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) has 25 physical locations across Canada as part of their e-Collex program. They are located at 220 John Street, Barrie, ON, L4N 2L2. Call for information at 1-705-725-1919 or 1-866-288-8016, or visit their website.

Want to help the environment? Check out CBC’s One Million Acts of Green project and participate by performing an act of green.

And even worse, it’s not just China where these end up… Africa as well.

Damn, and I was just sent this link saying Mexico is in on the racket as well

My advice, think twice about EVERY purchase you make. Think twice about everything you use. From computers to toys, from clothes to cars, from shampoo to food. The less we consume, the less we waste. Bottom line, we need to steer clear from blatant consumerism. The 30GB 2nd Generation iPod I have sitting in my desk drawer that has been unused for a year is still fine. It still has up to 8 hours battery life. Why do I need a new one? Perceived obsolescence. That’s where a company like Apple keeps coming out with newer, and supposedly better iPods. Sure, the one in my desk doesn’t do video but I never would want to watch video on a small screen like that.